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ÁNIMO develops social capital in secondary level second language learners by providing educational equity and access through: college and career readiness, personal empowerment, leadership skills and cultural validation.

ÁNIMO offers achievement through Networking, Inquiry, Motivation and Opportunities.

How It Works

Ánimo Success literacy program for second language students embodies these primary aspects:

Parent Classes

Parent meetings offer strategies such as: forming and fostering alliances with parents in the group to better support their student; creating a home environment that motivates and nurtures the student; how to manage stress; how to improve communication with their student; understanding the stages of adolescence.

Student Classes

The 10 week after school literacy program develops social capital through reading and writing that focuses on the four pillars.

Four Pillars

Ánimo Success pillars integrate academic and content knowledge; cognitive and higher order thinking strategies; social and emotional intelligence; college and career preparedness; and employability and life skills.

Co-Founders Message

Cecilia Mendoza, Ed.D. and Theresa Ordóñez, J.D., are pleased to introduce Ánimo Success, a program that develops social capital in middle and high school second language learners by providing educational equity and access through: College and Career Readiness, Personal Empowerment, Leadership Development, and Cultural Validation. As second language learners and children of immigrant parents from Mexico, we have experienced first-hand the educational struggles that continue to plague second language students. Ánimo Success has developed a curriculum that builds social capital for second language students by creating an asset-based platform focusing on reading and literacy. Our research shows there are five key indicators of success in immigrant students: resiliency, optimism, collaborative orientation to learning and multicultural bilingualism. Our commitment and passion to carry out this mission is rooted in our combined 50 years of experience working with second language learners. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

What Our Clients Say

  • The workshops are a place of reflection for us and teaches us how to help our children. Also, as parents we learn many things about our children’s education. I am grateful to the teachers who take the time to help us and give us advice to move forward. Parent of EL-1 High School Student
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